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    Per my last blog, here’s a straightforward breakdown that covers everything you should know about using sunscreen!

    Sunscreen should always be part of your daily morning routine, before you step outdoors. Rain, snow, sun or sleet, I constantly remind my clients to wear their sunscreen if they want to protect their skin and slow its aging process. 

    You know you should wear sunscreen, but you still have questions.

    There’s two types of sunscreens: physical and chemical.

    So, which should you use?

    Chemical SPF50

    Physical SPF50

    It depends on your skin’s needs and your sun exposure. Physical sunscreen is better for outdoor activities because it lasts longer than chemical sunscreen, but it needs to be re-applied if it comes into contact with water and is easily rubbed off of your skin. Chemical sunscreen should be your go-to for shorter lengths of sun exposure (like commuting to and from work), but usually lasts 2 hours or less depending on sun exposure. 

    Essential Reminders: 

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